About us

KinetiZine is a venture backed by Box Ventures LLC, a Swiss-based incubator for technology startups. We are a team of ten dedicated individuals with expertise in sales, marketing, project management, software engineering, and product development. We've had 4 remarkably successful exits and continue to incubate 7+ startups each year. Each of our startups initiate their funding rounds or GTM efforts with a competitive edge - Kinetizine.

Kineti What?

KinetiZine is a powerful content delivery service. The goal was to provide a great experience for both Users (Clients) and Recipients... It's a platform where you can merge engaging content (think video, animations, polls, surveys etc) with outstanding deliverability to discover what actually works best for your audience.

Kinetic + Magazine = KinetiZine = Great CX

Users of our PDF to App converter revealed that the KinetiZine analytics module boosted their content's exposure beyond their own websites. This provided valuable insights into visitor demographics and traction - crucial information for our clients and a light bulb moment for our founding team.

After the eye-opening analytics discovery, the board invested in and incubated KinetiZine as an independent brand. Today, this thriving business takes a two-pronged approach to serving its B2B clients:
1. Business development executives leverage the trusted KinetiZine platform to power their content INSIGHT strategies.
2. Dedicated agency partners create high-engagement content for clients needing a dramatic conversion boost - a rare triple win.

The KinetiZine Story: From Revelation to Trusted Partner
What started with a revelatory analytics insight has evolved into an exciting journey.
Today, KinetiZine stands as a trusted partner empowering businesses in a powerful way:
By helping them understand their prospects' true interests and needs.

Through KinetiZine's innovative solutions, businesses can now gain unprecedented visibility into what their customers truly care about. This allows them to serve those needs better than ever before. It's a win-win scenario - businesses thrive by delivering exceptional, hyper-relevant experiences, while their customers feel genuinely understood and supported.

KinetiZine has become the go-to platform for companies seeking to deeply connect with their audience. And the company remains steadfastly committed to continued innovation, ensuring its clients always have the tools they need to succeed in the digital landscape.

This is the power of transformative insights. KinetiZine is turning them into game-changing business results.

KinetiZine takes content to a whole new level.

We have yet to approach the limits of KinetiZine's potential. The only limitation is your imagination. Based upon client feedback, we provide you with the highest value in 4 ways:

  • Track recipient behavior (not just page views) within every document.
  • Instantly make your print collateral part of your digital sales arsenal.
  • Provide an easy to use UI so that you can engage your audience efficiently.
  • Create an experience that informs, engages AND converts.

KinetiZine is like nothing you’ve ever seen. It's way more than a PDF, Lookbook, or silly broadcast flipbook... you really should experience it. So, here's a LaserLINK to an assessment we believe could be quite helpful wrt. your business growth. Looking forward to hearing about your experience. 

Our Track Record

Box Ventures LLC has been providing technology solutions to marketing and sales organizations since 1999. As technology has evolved dramatically over the years, Box Ventures has continuously invested to remain at the forefront, ensuring its clients benefit most from the company's innovations and testing.

Box Ventures believes that business leaders deserve certainty in their investments, knowing not only where their money is being spent, but also prioritizing prospects to significantly reduce time wasted on dead-end opportunities.

Most of Box Ventures' clients seek more effective ways to engage and nurture prospects throughout the buyer's journey. Given the company's work with sales and marketing leaders across more than 25 industry sectors, all focused on improving content delivery, customer insights, and market precision, it's a great match.

Box Ventures' desire is to help clients create an online, branded, content experience that meets their audience where they are in the buying process, within a mobile-first, social media-fueled world. The goal is to provide content that surprises and delights, encouraging customers to share with others and continually return for more.

Ultimately, Box Ventures understands that sales are what truly matter. That's why the company has created a platform that not only allows clients to easily share content with potential customers, but also provides the tools to track engagement and take action based on the insights gained.

Features include instant notifications when a lead opens a proposal, and the ability to see which pages of a presentation received the most attention, enabling tailored follow-ups. Box Ventures' aim is to help clients close deals faster than ever before, leaving competitors behind.

With a deep reservoir of expertise, decades of experience, and proven technology across teams in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, Box Ventures is committed to giving clients the resources they need to create better content that connects and converts.

Our Values and Your Rights:

The team here at Kinetizine hold dear the richness and variety of content creation, from compelling eBooks to lead magnets, explainers, and beyond. When embarking on this journey, the principal objective was to establish a welcoming and inclusive platform where content creators of all skill levels and backgrounds could find a nurturing environment to grow and innovate.

Through the evolution of the platform, Kinetizine has been fortunate to form connections with an expansive and diverse group of users globally. Each interaction, feedback, and encouraging word has been instrumental in refining services, sharpening objectives, and fortifying the commitment to delivering excellence.

Kinetizine's primary focus is centered on enriching the user experience. The mission is to ensure every interaction serves as a source of inspiration, igniting creativity and propelling the content creation process. The journey of creating engaging online experiences while structuring your content to capture key insight is laden with exciting discoveries and learning, and Kinetizine is thrilled to accompany users in this exploration.

Kinetizine places great importance on the relationships built with its valued users. Testimonials, reviews, and comments are perceived as meaningful conversations, facilitating the ongoing evolution and enhancement of services. By heeding user needs and adapting accordingly, Kinetizine is better equipped to serve, refine processes, and shape the future roadmap in alignment with user expectations.

Acknowledging the significance of privacy in the digital era, Kinetizine, as an entity owned and operated by BOX Ventures LLC, adheres to stringent standards to protect user privacy. The comprehensive Privacy Notice, accessible on the platform, provides a clear understanding of how user information is managed, with the aim of delivering a secure and transparent experience.

Kinetizine assures users that the entrusted information is treated with the utmost care and respect. Every measure and policy is devised with user safety and security at the forefront, elucidating rights and responsibilities under multiple laws, including the GDPR.

Should users require additional clarity or have any concerns or queries, we welcome the opportunity to listen, learn, and adapt. The Privacy Notice also includes information on how users can request the cessation of data use, offering autonomy over their information. Kinetizine's official policies serve as a pledge to cultivate a safe, secure, and creative environment for all users.

Our Core Values

  1. Deliver amazing results to our clients and help them do the same.
  2. Share our passion for effective and engaging communication.
  3. Remove technological barriers to creativity.
  4. Embrace innovation and change.
  5. Think outside the Box.
  6. Add value… then add some more.
  7. Don’t just listen, understand the deeper meaning.
  8. Keep things simple.
  9. Empower people to succeed.
  10. Practice what we preach aka eating our own dogfood.