Testimonial – Need an Edge?

Pssst...  Marketer, Need An Edge?

Anyone can create a PDF. Some create beautiful looking flippinbooks. But...

Bob Killian Branding Strategist
The business value is in identifying your real prospects, separating the grain from the chaff and understanding what content resonates with your audience.

This is essentially what KinetiZine does and it's ideal when you need to learn from user behavior within reports, white papers, newsletters, brochures, magazines etc. KinetiZine becomes especially valuable when you need to take action based upon that insight. Analytics and RuleSets are key to capitalizing on this business advantage.


Your marketing could be delivering more qualified leads that help you close more deals. All you need to do now is take your trusty ol' PDF brochure and pop it into our Kinetic transmogrifier. That's a fancy pants way of saying 'upload it to our server'. 

If the content is compelling and you have videos, audio or slideshows that enhance your story, you could quickly get an interactive edition of your publication that not only captivates your audience but also lets you know who is engaged and what they were most interested in. 

Sure, we realize that you have a choice between distributing a flipbook that costs $29/mo and gaining access to a powerful marketing tool that can auto-respond when prospects are identified by their location or behavior within your docs.  Aren't new customers worth it?

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If you are certain that your content is adored by all, go play with a flipbook. If you believe insight into your audience's behavior delivers better qualified leads and helps you create more relevant content, it's time to level up. Use KinetiZine and get an edge.

Ted Box
Author, Entrepreneur