PDFs Don’t Work

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Can we agree that PDFs don't work?

Sure, PDFs are fine as broadcast tools but, they can not provide you with insight, can not be updated after they are shared, and can not help you understand your prospects better. If you want to interact with your audience and engage them, PDFs are simply not going to deliver. On the other hand, KDFs give you all of the above and more... It's time to rethink content delivery.

55 % More Engaging Than With PDFs Based on our 2015 Stats
32 % Higher Conversions Thanks to Embedded Video & Animations
10 X Better Lead Quality Due To Un-Gated Content

KDF Features

The Easy Way To Turn Docs into Lead Magnets

Digital Storytelling

With KinetiZine, storytelling comes to life. Use a wide variety of media, including audio, slide-decks, videos, images, surveys, and polls. KDFs bring your content to life so you can capture your readers’ imaginations and deepen brand loyalty through engaging content.

No Downloads

KDFs are fast loading, web based documents that deliver instant gratification so your audience can consume your content on any device with just one click. No waiting. Your viewers can use any browser on any device that offers web access.

Convenient & Compelling

Give your readers a better UX by including interactive elements, like embedded videos, animations, and pop-up light boxes so prospects can access the content they need in one convenient location to keep them moving along the buyer journey.

Instant Access

Give your audience instant access to your document before you ask them to opt-in. KDFs can automatically trigger an opt-in gate on any page within your document. Remove obstacles whenever possible.

Direct Page Linking

KDFs are the best way to continue a conversation from any touchpoint. You can even set your KDF link to lead prospects to a specific page in your document to improve relevancy and reduce bounce rate.

Engagement Boosters

Give prospects the ability to quickly find the content they seek within your docs. Each KDF offers keyword search so your prospects quickly find the content they need. Each KDF also includes several sharing options!

In-Doc Conversions

Eliminate barriers to brand engagement and remove conversion obstacles with in-doc lead capture & CTAs. Place a Call To Action on any page in your doc & guide prospects toward a purchasing decision. Include an access gate to trigger an in-doc opt-in to deliver value first, then convert at the moment of interest.

Deliver Qualified Leads

KDFs are as measurable and trackable as any web page. Create multiple links per document to track individual prospect behavior. Gain insight to know who cares and what they care about and even identify internal stakeholders. KDFs are ideally suited for qualifing leads before passing them to sales.

Seamless Integration

KDFs are designed to integrate with and enhance your favorite CRMs & marketing automation platforms (MAPs) so you can trigger relevant workflows, nurture prospects, & convert leads quicker than ever.  Your docs will spring to life with interactive features so you can offer your audience something special.

Learn how KDF analytics can give you the insight you need to engage better & convert quicker.

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