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Do You Believe In Content Marketing?

Today’s businesses are believers in content marketing. They grasp that content is the best possible way to communicate your brand’s message, share your story, improve engagement levels and drive sales. By now you may have realized that content alone isn’t enough.

If you’re ready to engage and persuade today’s social readers. Buckle up... You’re probably ready to take your content marketing to the next level.

Content Marketing
Was Supposed To Produce Customers... It Hasn’t.

It's Time To Take It To The Next Level

Did You Consider Content Delivery?

​So, you've jumped on the content marketing bandwagon and it hasn't produced the flood of new leads you had hoped for. Is it possible that you missed a fundamental step? You've heard it before; it's all in the delivery. Content delivery is a key factor in determining success with your content marketing programs.

Did You Consider Accessibility?

Delivering the right content at the right time on the right device requires some pretty slick technology to enhance your visibility, relevance and value. It's a mobile first world and your content needs to be easy to access on all devices.

Does Your Content Do More Than Promote?

Using your content to collect key insights that help you make better decisions and close more business takes content marketing beyond promotion. Imagine how much more you could accomplish if your content provided you with context and insight into your best prospects.

Enhance your existing collateral and test, test, test.

Be relevant so you can connect and convert.

Boost your insight then use it to sell more effectively.

The Next Level

Marketing Resources and Technical Expertise Are No Longer Required To Run A Successful Digital Marketing Lead Generating Program

Content creation was never an issue for us. The thing we struggled with however, was the content distribution.​ Even the expert marketers were not able to help us with that. Printing on paper (especially given the type of paper we selected) was costly and offering PDFs for download on the website was like throwing paper airplanes out the window. We had no idea if anyone was reading the messages and we had no indication of what was working well vs what was not working at all when it came to our marketing material. Each brochure had to please multiple audience personas - but we had no way to measure or even associate a given piece of content with a real, live prospect. It was a guessing game... and it nearly drove us mad.

Until now the only way to reverse this situation and get your marketing mojo back, has been to hire an experienced marketing consultant to review your offer, make a few educated guesses about what your audience really wants, and put together a tailored plan to convert more of your visitors into buyers.

The problem with this option is that true expert marketers and marketing technologists are hard to find, and almost never available on short notice. Even if you do manage to locate one willing to help you out, you’ll be looking at upwards of $500 per hour, which can quickly move your ROI needle into the red zone. The other problem with this option is that it applies another layer of guesswork onto your situation. Even if it were to work for one campaign, you would not gain the insight you need to repeat the success and you’d be back where you started.

After several failed attempts you end up feeling frustrated because it is so much harder to engage your audience on mobile than what you’ve been told. You simply can’t see what your audience is doing out there; even if they were right there in front of you. "Using PDFs to get the message out is like driving a car with a blindfold on." Just don't do it.

The good news is that marketing resources and technical expertise is no longer a bottleneck keeping you from digital marketing success.

It's Really About Time.

How much time do you spend planning and executing your content marketing campaigns?

We were wasting precious time by not being able to track our content and measure the outcome. In short, we lacked insight into our audience. It was time for us to do better.

We discovered the hard way that the most important thing is creating content that adds value to our audience and getting feedback. The logical conclusion was that we need to measure everything. Analyzing all that data takes time. With PDFs and print material we had no data (other than download stats) and couldn't separate the tire kickers from actual prospects. We were allowing visitors to take brochures and download PDFs and we had no idea what they did with them. There was no way to track their interests, their actions or their engagement. We didn't know if our content was working for us and converting leads into prospects and prospects into customers or if the brochures were landing in the trash. We wasted so much time trying to figure it all out. We felt like we were running like crazy inside a hamster wheel. Does that sound familiar?

We were not alone. This was a problem plaguing marketers in every possible industry! During one of our quarterly reviews, we discussed the problem internally, researched solutions, and with content marketing taking the front seat in lead generation, it was important to reduce the cycle time. In 2010, we decided to invest in a solution to engage prospects and measure the interaction to gain insight. We're ready to share it with marketers like you.

  • Who are your best prospects? You know, the ones that actually buy your stuff. Do they read your collateral at all? Where are they located? Are they on your list? What would you like to know about them?
  • What are they most interested in? Was it the article on page 2 about widgets or the video on page 8? Did they move forward with a CTA or did they bounce? What content resonated with the real prospects?
  • What shall we do with them? Naturally, auto-responding to user behavior in clever ways that draw your prospects further into the buyer's journey and right into your sales funnel are what this game is about. So, come up with a few creative ideas...

What If You Could Automate Content Marketing & Increase Returns?

How great would it be if you could prove it?

So, we starting thinking... What if we could identify prospects based upon how they interact within our content? It could be as simple as creating a set of rules. For example, if I create a newsletter and tag each page with relevant keywords, I could implement a rule to identify a prospect based upon their actions or location and I'd be able to pass a qualified lead on to our sales team (or at least trigger a workflow in salesforce.com).

That's how it all started. My team of engineers and I outlined a semi-automated system that took us three years to build and another year to test on our campaigns before we began using it for our existing client projects. ​The results are incredible, enlightening and so full of insight... but, I'm getting ahead of myself.

We created​ a platform that takes existing collateral like those PDFs I mentioned earlier and transforms them into a proprietary format that can handle animations and videos embedded directly into the pages. Every article is tagged so that interest and engagement can be measured. CTAs can even be dropped onto the page in a few seconds to give marketers the ability to boost conversions and test out theories in real time. We built an amazing content delivery system so that leading marketers could increase returns, reduce time, and easily transition into effective digital marketing.

Companies that personalize the user experience and are able to quantify the improvement in context, have seen, on average, a 19% uplift in sales.

~Forrester Report - CIO/CMO Survey

Would You Like To Boost Conversions By More Than 200%?

On a snowy winter night after some pretty hefty debate, we christened our new digital publishing service “KinetiZine”. Since (a) we had quite a lot to drink that evening and at the time (b) there was something quite intriguing about kinetic motion rocking the world of digital publishing. At the time we had no idea how powerful our system was, the potential it had to promote content marketing to the next level or the different ways our clients and partners would use it to boost their firm's bottom lines.

Long story short - it turns out, KinetiZine is capable of boosting conversions by up to 220% overnight while providing solid insight into who your best prospects are and what they are most interested in. I know that may sound incredible, but in a moment you’ll see how it all works, so just keep reading.

Hi, my name is Ted Box and I'm a number one best selling author thanks to my book Next-Level Content Marketing - advanced tactics for today's content marketers. The book offers several ways to improve both content delivery and the content cycle. If you'd like to learn more about these tactics, please feel free to click here to get the book.

If you're more interested in implementing a few of my recommendations, I've got a special treat for you. I'm the kind of person who puts his money where his mouth is. I’ve been investing in great people, amazing ideas, & leading edge technology since 1999. At around the same time as I was finishing up my book, I decided to invest in a technology start-up that can execute on the very tactics I wrote about.

I am very proud to announce that my investment in that team has resulted in launching KinetiZine as a service to leading marketers and it is now paying dividends for several major brands such as IBM, DuPont, KKR, and Porsche.

KinetiZine - an incredible service that boosted marketing ROI by more than 200% for a few of our clients. I heard one say KinetiZine makes PDFs look like some ancient relic from the dark ages of marketing where engagement and conversions were not measured.

I’ve proven over and over in my own business that the easiest and most reliable way to ramp up your conversions is by adding a nail-biting sense of urgency to your offer supported by some truly engaging content. KinetiZine allows you to do this today.

​It’s literally the difference between an average result and a “life changing, career boosting” kind of result. And when you apply it within the context of your content, your conversions can double almost instantly.

With KinetiZine, you’ll be able to animate your message in ways that dial up the urgency in your customer’s mind compelling them to take action. KinetiZine also lets you know who your prospects are and what they are most engaged with inside your marketing material so that if they don’t take immediate action, you can automatically nurture them using content relevant to their interests, device and location.

What makes KinetiZine different from every other content delivery method out there is that it can qualify your leads and convert your prospects into customers using triggers that you define.

What this means is that as your visitors use their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops to view your brochure, discovering all the benefits your products offer, we monitor their experience and take action according to your defined rules of engagement -like a great butler anticipating his client’s needs.

This powerful rules-based system identifies prospects for you and presents them with irresistible offers at just the right moment as if you were there to personally guide each customer through your sales process.

Gather Insight & Empower Sales.

Fully accessible
on any device.

Create awareness for your content any place, any time, in any language.

Insights to see
who cares — about what.

Use powerful analytics to identify your best content and hottest prospects.

Integrates with your
existing marketing systems.

Works with your existing processes, marketing automation tools and CRM.

A Few Client Examples

From Email To Engagement

Fill in your details and we'll send you a few KinetiZines to review.

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Experience KinetiZine Right Away

KinetiZine provides you with insight collated from a slurry of data points left behind by your audience while perusing your collateral.

When you set up a ruleset, KinetiZine dispatches an army of secret agents to log and report on your audience's activities, locations and other variables. It's like having your very own spy game! And who doesn't like a good spy game? Especially when you get to select the outcome ahead of time! For example: When someone reading your collateral stumbles over a trip-wire, your ruleset might trigger an opt-in on the page with a compelling offer that relates to what that user just did.

How Does It Work?

  1. You typically start off by logging into the KinetiZine dashboard and uploading a PDF. Next, you can quickly annotate the document and let us know where videos should be placed, where an audio file would be helpful and defining text that should deep link to specific web pages or even to other KinetiZines. It’s as easy as drawing simple shapes on the screen.
  2. Next, you define a ruleset that helps KinetiZine identify a prospect according to specific criteria such as user behavior within the content you just uploaded. So, in this example, if a person spends more than 3 minutes on page 3 and views the video on page 5, let’s consider them to be engaged and ready to receive a special offer from us to participate in an upcoming event.
  3. Next, you upload the special offer. In this case it will be a CTA that appears on the page a few seconds after your ruleset is triggered. And voila. That’s it! Your publication goes live, you grab a link to email to your list and the KinetiZine is ready for action.

During our tests, RuleSets consistently boosted conversions by more than 200%.
And, yes... it’s totally reproducible.

To put that into perspective
that’s double your ROI
for less than a hour of your time.

See what some of our clients have to say:

"We sell more each month..."

We now connect more effectively with timely promotions that sell more products each month. We got an edge for our direct marketing efforts and reduced printing and postage costs at the same time.

  Paul smythCEO, Mövenpick Wein

"Our first campaign gave us a 218% boost..."

We learned a lot about our audience and quickly identified key players who needed our services. Deals were closed faster than ever and with no resistance. We got a 218% ROI and didn't need to sell. We're doubling down.

Bruno Huwyler Director, HIGH-TECH Media

"We generated new leads..."

We generated solid business leads with our KinetiZine — and all we needed to do was send our PDF to BoxOnline. They brought our Porsche Times magazine to life and got the phones to ring.

ROLAND IMBODEN Director, Porsche Zentrum Zug

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't increase your publication's conversion rate over the next 60 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"Exceptional and exciting..."

Our experience with BoxOnline thus far has been exceptional and exciting and we hope to continue on this path.

Shaya Klechevsky Director of Operations @ Lousch NYC

"Insight matters most"

KinetiZine is the easiest way to gain insight on what matters most to our audience.

Bob Killian Founder & CCO, Killian Branding

"RuleSets rule"

KinetiZine gave us the insight to boost conversions by 218%. My boss is thrilled and I’m delighted with the secret sauce I was able to add to the mix. RuleSets rule!

Mike mcnarry CCO, Printing & Publishing Services

"Fast, efficient and full content control"

We chose BoxOnline's digital publishing solution over others because we wanted a fast, efficient way to get our client's magazines onto tablets and smart phones without sacrificing content control and without having to deal with technology issues.

LUkas huggenberg CIO, Arnold.KircherBurkhardt

Can You Turn Insight Into Conversions?

What you’ve just read hasn’t even scratched the surface considering the powerful features KinetiZine offers today and the road map we've put into place for the coming six months.

Imagine your sales execs selecting collateral on a mobile device just after visiting with a prospect. With KinetiZine's funnel accelerator package, they get an unique link that can be pasted into an email or text message. They send the message to their prospect as they would normally and... when a ruleset is triggered (the prospect did something desirable within the collateral), the sales exec will be notified and primed to take action.

Fast Track Your Success!

Create evergreen product launches that integrate seamlessly with your email auto-responder or CRM, allowing you to create unique offers that are personalized for each new subscriber.

So you have a flipbook vendor. OK. So, where's your insight going to come from? How are you going to know what content resonates with your audience? How will you identify prospects and provide them with something relevant?

Too many projects on your table right now? Hey, we know the feeling. KinetiZine was made for people like you. All we need is 15 minutes of your time after you upload your publication... If you can't spare 15 minutes, we really wonder why you're reading this page.

No need to create new collateral. Just ask your best sales people which documents were the most effective in moving prospects through the sales funnel. Use publications with a proven track record before reinventing the wheel.

Encourage your readers to share pages of your publication via email or your choice of social networks to help spread the word.

Add amazing animations that bring your pages and articles to life. Embed videos directly into the pages of your newsletter rather than distracting people when leave the section.

Expire pages, offers, or entire publications all at once, completely on autopilot - dialing up your conversion rates at every single checkpoint.

Display a collection of full-screen, awesome images to immerse your audience in your content and culture and measure engagement in real time.

Insert urgency banners with nail-biting countdown timers, eye-popping buttons, clickable links, and irresistible sales copy.

Imagine What KinetiZine Could Do For Your Business!

With so many amazing features, incredible results, and glowing reviews, you're probably eager to know how much it'll cost to take your existing PDFs and transform them into super high converting KinetiZines for your business.

And that's a fair question given that in the past the only way to distribute your product literature online was to send out static PDFs or get people to download them off your website. Our fee for each active KinetiZine in your account is $99 per month. If, after six months, a KinetiZine is viewed for less than 2 hours in a given month, the cost will be zero for that KinetiZine in that month.  Simple... and Fair...

Each client can subscribe to optional services based upon their needs. Custom development is always an option we entertain on a case by case basis for those with special requests.

When you upload your PDF today, you will gain access to the KinetiZine service for a special 7 day free trial period. If you need additional time, we can extend your trial period for 60 more days. It really doesn't get easier than that!

So if you want to boost your marketing ROI and start engaging your audience on all sorts of devices, just tap here, to take the first step

.And if you're still sitting on the fence, you should also know that KinetiZine comes with a solid "money back guarantee". If you're not completely happy with our KinetiZine service for any reason within the next 60 days, we'll fully reimburse you.

Start Your Free, No Risk, 7-day trial!

If you want more than 7 days, don't worry... we've got you covered.

"Today's businesses are believers in content marketing. That's great! But if you've already mastered content marketing, you realize that content alone isn't enough. Combined with the tactics in my book, Next-Level Content Marketing, KinetiZine can take your marketing to the next level.”

best regards,

Ted Box
Founder & CEO BoxOnline

P.S.: Getting started is easy. All you need to do is upload your PDF and optionally (but, highly recommended) tell us which additional features you need us to implement. If you are not 100% satisfied, and I mean 100%, with your order then just send us an email, and we will refund every penny paid, no questions asked.

That's how confident and excited we are to let you get your hands on this brilliant next-level content marketing system.

All you need to do now is press the SIGN UP NOW button above to put KinetiZine to work for you at a humongous discount all fully backed by our rock solid money back guarantee.

Sorry, I can't promise that your access to this specially discounted rate will be available much longer. Don't be kicking yourself later when you realize you've missed out on this amazing opportunity to test next level content marketing at close to zero cost.

"Publication Intelligence" like never before

KinetiZine provides us with a quantifiable return on our spend. It's marketing automation for our collateral that removes the guesswork and enables us to contact our best prospects at the right time.

  ANDREW MILLER Managing Partner, APM Group

Content Marketing should never rely on outdated technology like PDFs or flipbooks.

Eliminate the guesswork. Know who cares.