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"If you want to emulate paper, go fiddle with a flipbook. If you want a serious marketing weapon, unleash a KinetiZine"


In an ideal world, sales execs distribute collateral created by the nice folks in marketing to help move prospects through the sales funnel and convert them into paying customers.

Worlds away, marketing spends a lot of time identifying, targeting and nurturing personas through the buyers journey with crafty hooks, images, and reading material designed to qualify leads and move them, at their own pace, right into the decision phase where selling is no longer needed.

A reality check reveals a different story. Sales execs spend significant time sifting through reams of collateral and corporate decks to build ever more effective presentations for prospect encounters. They know that the meeting is where the magic happens. It's where they get their moment in the sun. It's their opportunity to get the job done and show the world who brings home the bacon. After all, who knows the prospect and their needs better than the sales exec?

The challenge today, as Don Peppers points out in my book, is not only identifying qualified leads but also getting their attention with useful, entertaining or interesting information designed to help them solve problems they are actively trying to solve like reducing the cost of acquiring customers (CAC).

So instead of having sales reinvent the wheel, why not offer a selfie stick and empower them to add video right into the marketing collateral they send out to help personalize and differentiate the message and secure that meeting in  a thoughtful way. Why not give them the ability to track user behavior not only to learn which messages resonate and which fall flat, but also to decide on the next steps in the sales process that could be automated to increase the probability of conversion.

Now, that's a mouthful so allow me to break it down for you. Sales execs could spend less time building static presentations that force feed corporate jargon to an audience already drowning in information if they were to create audio and video clips that help start a conversation with people who want to solve a particular problem. If these clips were added directly into the collateral, they'd likely turn a static piece of content into something memorable and rather unique that actually engages their audience.

Now, imagine, in your mind's eye, what you had for breakfast yesterday. Take a moment and just do it... Humor me.

Ok... What did you see?

Did you visualize an image of the meal as a static photo or was it more like a scene in a movie? Was it color or black and white? I'm fairly certain that you did not visualize a shopping list of the food and beverages you consumed.

Most of us recall experiences in a very moving way. We recall images, movement, sounds and smells packaged up as as a memory. The whole package has the ability to move us. It tells a story.

When you sell something, you're trying to move the needle. Why would you ever choose static text or corporate slide decks when you know that people with problems to solve are already overwhelmed with boring, flat content? Clearly, in order to move the needle, you need to tell a story. You need to move your audience in an emotional way that builds trust. And, you need to measure your progress.

This is why we created KinetiZine.

Imagine stirring up your audience with a story that you present live. You know when you've nailed it and instinctively you can tell when they were moved. You could feel it and you could take action based upon that feedback. Some of the people in your audience may have been so moved that they take action right away. Others may need a nudge.

This is why we created KinetiZine.

When you can't see your audience, it's even more important to measure reaction and know if your message resonated or if it fell flat. You also need a way to take action and congruently respond to their behavior. If you conduct webinars or teleseminars, you can easily poll the audience for questions and encourage responses. However, if you distribute slide decks and collateral, you currently have no way to know if your content resonated and, you likely have no way to take action based upon user behavior within those documents either.

This is why we created KinetiZine.

Do you distribute slide decks or sales collateral and wonder if your prospects ever viewed a single page? Or better still, wonder which page they were most interested in?

This is why we created KinetiZine.

What if your sales collateral were smart. What if it could take action and present specific messages, images, audio or video based upon a desired or an undesirable user behavior?

What if you were able to present an irresistible offer to people exhibiting exit intent? These would be people who are either skimming through your content too quickly or those who leave the document before getting to the good stuff. If you could do that, would your conversions increase? We know they would.

This is why we created KinetiZine.

Most companies require people to fill in a form before they can access a document online. These same companies measure their success with download stats. Unfortunately, this is like holding your star sales person hostage until a prospect fills out a form!

If a document were designed to create awareness for a particular solution to a problem, wouldn't you want broad distribution? Since we've all been fooled a few times by promotional claims, before I'm willing to give my real email address to anyone, I want to see some of that content and confirm with my own eyes, that it is worth my time.

I believe that every piece of collateral should offer us value before demanding our contact details. It's a good way to pre-qualify prospects and begin a conversation while you measure engagement and gain insight that helps you improve your content all at the same time.

This is why we created KinetiZine.

Imagine sending out your collateral easily and being able to track who opens it, views specific pages or even tagged articles, where they are located and what they were most interested in. Now imagine that you were able to identify your best prospects by their user behavior within your collateral. Wouldn't you want to give your best prospects something special so that they'd remember you and begin to trust you?

This is why we created KinetiZine.

In an ideal world, sales and marketing execs reduce the cost of customer acquisition with simple, automated processes that offer insight into the minds of their prospects, enabling the sales team to respond automatically to specific and measurable user behavior.

This is why we created KinetiZine.

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