Pricing is simple...

While the full service is designed for enterprise clients,
we offer limited access to a few individuals for $497 per year.

At Kinetizine, we’re all about creating easy-to-use, top-notch tools that deliver incredible value without breaking the bank. Our clients love how Kinetizine helps them pinpoint the topics that matter most to their audience, enabling them to engage more effectively. Discover the difference with Kinetizine, where quality meets affordability and relevance drives results.

For enterprise accounts, please contact us for a quote.

Did you know that your recipients are 86.4% more likely to click your LaserLINK when you use a trusted domain congruent with your branding?

Want to share your docs and slide decks with your own custom domain? Just let us know during our chat, and we'll set you up! It's that easy!