Giving World-Class Investors a Competitive Edge

Cross-Sell Opportunities

Empowering Client Advisors with an Unmatched Competitive Edge

Quality Deal Flow

Shift from guesswork to certainty and boost your deal quality.

Spot The Trends

Move from broadcasting to interaction & reveal market shifts faster.

The Right Match

Identify the best jockeys to add to your stable.

Investors dumped $330 BILLION into 26,000 AI startups. 

Some hadn't even written a line of code yet! Few had a reliable way to consistently assess deals.

How do you plan to avoid the next dotcom bust?

Don't waste time meeting hot-air entrepreneurs.

Protect yourself from another bad investment.

Pose engaging questions and guide your clients to navigate your content like a Choose Your Own Adventure story. This approach ensures they receive only the content that's relevant to them, while you gain unrivaled insights into their engagement.

Stop navigating in the dark!

  • Have a method to consistently score and rank potential deals.
  • Recognize developing trends early.
  • Identify the next top performing deal maker.

Navigating in the dark? 

Which clients are most challenged by TOPIC X?

Which topics truly resonate for CLIENT X?

When is the best time to follow up?

and above all...

Have they reached a decision to proceed?

Gaining strategic insight is hard, especially when it's not publicly available.

Kinetizine Delivers

Shorter Cycles

Early disqualification of poor fit enables you to move quicker.

Quality Deals

Stop wasting time chasing dead-ends. Focus on the best opportunities by pre-qualifying at scale.

Better Insight

Get your core questions answered early with content that delivers insight back to you.

The Right Fit

Ensure alignment between you and your potential partners.


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Improving your prospects without wasting time

Here’s what people are saying about our service

Kinetizine Helps Me Identify...

which deals to pursue, which people to call, and what questions to ask to be better prepared for my next business conversation.

Owen McGinty
Senior Sales Executive

Kinetizine Gives Me Two Key Insights...

it shows me the topics clients find relevant and their reactions to key questions. This is incredibly valuable. Worth every penny.

Andrew Miller
Executive Partner

My Sales Process Is More Efficient...

By only engaging my top tier prospects, I didn't waste the time I normally would have chasing down worthless leads.


Kinetizine Helps Me Build Trust Faster...

I was able to build trust faster by knowing their core concerns at the outset. 

ROland Imboden

Kinetizine Shortened My Sales Cycle by Three Weeks...

Kinetizine helped me confirm where my clients were in the buyer's journey, so I now focus more of my time on the key issues they experience in their particular phase of the buyer journey.


Kinetizine Helps Me Focus On the Right Opportunities...

It tells us where we should spend our time, which people, what regions, and which topics. We don't get that kind of insight from any other data source. It's our favorite prospecting rocket ship.

Partner & Executive Chair

Kinetizine is a Prospect Intelligence Platform helping you build deeper connections and shorten sales cycles by revealing your prospect's true challenges, interests, and aspirations.

Kinetizine is a Prospect Intelligence Platform helping you build deeper connections and shorten sales cycles by revealing your prospect's true challenges, interests, and aspirations.

Kinetizine in Action

Your Content + Our Platform = Your Insight

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Why we're doing this

Kinetizine is designed to transform the way B2B business development professionals approach prospecting, offering a solution to the common issue of time wasted on unproductive opportunities.

Recognizing the frustration our clients faced with pursuing leads that ultimately led nowhere, we developed Kinetizine.

This B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) platform has quickly become the preferred method for uncovering the genuine interests and intentions of prospects, granting users a previously unattainable degree of certainty in their deals.

By providing crucial insights, Kinetizine enables you to prioritize your efforts on the most promising deals, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. Imagine being able to identify the most accessible opportunities—those "low-hanging fruits"—even when they're not immediately apparent during discussions. Kinetizine equips you to serve your prospects more effectively, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

Kinetizine is specifically tailored for those in B2B business development who are determined to surpass their competitors. It is offered in three distinct packages to best suit your needs and involvement level:

  • Done FOR You  A comprehensive, hands-off service where we handle everything for you.
  • Done WITH You A collaborative approach, combining your efforts with our expertise.
  • Do It Yourself A self-service option, providing you with the tools to operate independently.

We've spent the better part of the last decade building Kinetizine, testing our hypotheses, implementing and integrating it for clients, improving the tool and the psychology powering it. Now we're ready to invite a select few, outside our circle of clients, who believe that they too deserve a higher level of deal certainty. I look forward to hearing how you put it to work for your business.


What is a KDF?

KDF stands for Knowledge Development Framework. It's an intel-driven framework designed to gain unparalleled insight into your prospects' impressions of your product or service. In simpler terms, it's a fancy way of saying that KDFs help you understand what your prospects really think about your offering. By transforming static PDFs into interactive and dynamic micro-sites, Kinetizine's KDFs allow you to engage with your audience in a whole new way. You can add layers of interactivity, track user engagement, and gain deeper insights into their preferences. It's like having a crystal ball to understand your prospects' minds. Kinetizine is a NO CODE platform so, you can relax while we handle the heavy lifting.

How does it work?

Kinetizine works by utilizing its proprietary Knowledge Development Framework (KDF). This intel-driven framework allows you to gain unparalleled insight into your prospects' impressions of your product or service. It's like having a secret decoder ring that helps you understand what makes your prospects tick. So, with Kinetizine, you can ask the right questions, get the right answers, and make informed decisions. It's a game-changer.

What is CYOA and what can it do for me?

CYOA stands for Choose Your Own Adventure. With CYOA, you can create a captivating interactive experience for your recipients. They get to choose their own path through your content, like a real-life adventure! It's like being the director of your own movie, but without the fancy cameras and big budgets. You can ask engaging questions, present different options, and guide your recipients to the most relevant information for them. It's a fantastic way to understand their needs and preferences while keeping them engaged. So, grab your virtual compass and let's embark on a thrilling CYOA journey together!

How do I share a KDF?

Sharing a KDF is as easy as pie. All you need to do is create a LaserLINK URL for your KDF and share it with your desired recipients. This is done within the Kinetizine service. We handle all the heavy lifting so that you can send your LaserLINX via email, social media, carrier pigeon (if you're feeling adventurous), or any other means of communication. The beauty of LaserLINX is that it allows you to securely share your KDF while retaining complete control over your information. So, go ahead and spread your message far and wide!

What are my prospect's top priorities?

Understanding your prospects' top priorities is crucial for success. Each prospect is unique, but some common priorities might include cost-effectiveness, efficiency, or innovation. The key is to listen, ask the right questions, and tailor your approach to meet their needs. Remember, it's all about building meaningful, deep connections and showing them how your product or service can make their lives better. So, put on your detective hat, grab Kinetizine and get ready to uncover those top priorities at scale like a pro!